Keyword Search
Use the singular, not the plural, form of your keyword. You may use one or more keywords to define a search, using "and," "or," or "not," such as: 
cat - shows all images that have cats.
cat and dog - shows images that have both cats and dogs.
cat or dog - shows images that have cats, or dogs, or both.
cat not dog - shows images that have cats without dogs.

Image ID
If you know the image ID number, enter number to view the thumbnail image.

Click the magnifying glass under a thumbnail or click the image to view a larger version.

Lightboxes are like folders for organizing your images. You may create any number of lightboxes, with unlimited images in each. You can create, rename, copy, delete, view, email, and print a lightbox from the bottom frame of the search results page.

Advanced Lightbox
The Advanced Lightbox allows you to rearrange images in a lightbox, move/copy images from a lightbox to a lightbox, add a note to each image in a lightbox, and add a comment to a lightbox.